Airmax Investigations privacy statement

Privacy Statement

Airmax Investigations is subject to the Federal Privacy Act 1988 and National Privacy Principles.

Type of information collected:

  • Name, address, occupation, age, contact information;
  • Statements made by claimants and witnesses;
  • Employment history;
  • Medical and health records;
  • Video and other photographic recordings and images.

Airmax Investigations will not disclose information about our client, nature of their business, email address, IP or other personal or business information gathered from anyone in the course of providing our investigative services. We take reasonable steps to protect all personal information provided be it electronically and/or hardcopy.

Airmax Investigations are contractually bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure service agreements with our clients.

Airmax Investigations will not disclose to anyone the content of emails sent to us unless it is with the author's explicit authority or written request.

Sending email messages or attachments to us for any lawful purpose will not have their information disclosed to anyone not connected with Airmax Investigations. All information obtained will be held in strictest of confidence. Any information supplied will be only used for the purpose for which it was intended by the sender.

Should any individual believe our actions or methods have compromised their privacy as defined under the Act, such individual can request in writing to reveal the information we have with respect of that individual and/or request that we delete the collected information. Anyone requesting access to such data must satisfy us in accordance with the Act as to their identity and lawful purpose for the request.

All or any of our commitments expressed above are relinquished where we are required to co-operate with a lawful process of a law enforcement agency duly authorized by law to access such data and information, or are required to relinquish such commitment under legal process or subpoena.

Privacy - confidential

What we investigate

We investigate matters of child custody, child support & access. We also investigate domestic & spousal concerns.

What we investigate

We investigate claims and fraud in the areas of income protection, sickness & absenteeism, workers' compensation.

What we investigate

We search for missing person and do what is known as "locates". And we also carry out government investigations.

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