Insurance claims and fraud investigations carried out by Airmax Investigations, private investigators in Western Australia

Claims and Fraud Investigations

Investigation of a claimant's current activities as related to his or her present medical condition and alleged physical impairments is a vital tool to determine further file strategy. Airmax Investigations perform such investigations in a thorough manner. We construct an overview of what a claimant's current activities appear to be in relationship to their alleged impairment. When it is indicated that a claimant's activities may exceed his or her alleged restriction, or the subject's activities are not consistent with their alleged impairment, surveillance is recommended. We report our findings in a clear and concise fashion, to further assist you in determining your possible options.

In addition, activity checks are conducted to determine if further investigative efforts are needed. These checks serve as a "snapshot" of a claimant's activity at a point in time. Our investigator(s) arrive early and if the claimant is active, remain in observance until activity ceases. Video surveillance and other techniques are employed as appropriate.

Where an employer suspects their employee who is off work sick is not as sick as they are stating, and could be working elsewhere. If misconduct found we provide video evidence of them working elsewhere, or doing activities that clearly wouldn't be thought possible if they were as incapacitated/unwell as stated to employer. Covert surveillance is deployed to validate or refute any sick leave or claim.


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We investigate matters of child custody, child support & access. We also investigate domestic & spousal concerns.

What we investigate

We investigate claims and fraud in the areas of income protection, sickness & absenteeism, workers' compensation.

What we investigate

We search for missing person and conduct skip tracing. And we also carry out government investigations.

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