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Desktop Searches | Open Source Intelligence - OSINT

Desktop Searches

A desktop search is an online process in gathering intelligence using public resources with care taken not to in any way disclose to the person of interest (via backlinks etc.) that the desktop search is being covertly conducted. We can conduct a desktop search nationally and it is our policy not to make any pretext calls, or have any direct contact with the person of interest or any third party.

A desktop search can assist with any of the below:

  • Litigation support;
  • Conducting sensitive interviews;
  • Locating key personnel and witnesses;
  • Uncover and preserve electronic evidence;
  • Gather key evidence;
  • Profiling a person of interest;
  • Gaining insight whether to proceed with an
          investigation and how best to execute the investigation.

A desktop search cannot obtain:

  • Bank account information
  • Medical information
  • Birth and Marriage records
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Telephone records

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OSINT - Open Source Intelligence
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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of information that is gathered from public, or open sources where it is free and legal to collect and can eliminate false positives, duplicates and in general provide sound context to what is being investigated with a more in-depth picture of specific facts and information.

Here in Australia we are governed by strict legislations and the privacy act, so gaining background for a Subject can have its restrictions; this is why it is one thing to have access to online databases and another how to go about it. We are well rehearsed in sourcing information using OSINT as a tool and have the know-how/expertise in gathering intelligence to assist further with making the decision process less cumbersome and more manageable to achieve the desired result.

The informative review 'intelligence gathering' provides insight, and a clear and concise strategy which can be adopted throughout a claim, and when engaged a favourable result, which includes when best to undertake a site inspection, factual and/or surveillance assignment.

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What we investigate

We investigate matters of child custody, child support & access. We also investigate domestic & spousal concerns.

What we investigate

We investigate claims and fraud in the areas of income protection, sickness & absenteeism, workers' compensation.

What we investigate

We search for missing person and conduct skip tracing. And we also carry out government investigations.

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