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Missing Persons/Skip Tracing - Locating Services

There are many reasons why a person would hire a private investigator to locate someone, and the reason dictates how a locate investigation is conducted, and what information is provided to the client upon completion of the investigation.

On occasions with sensitive matters Airmax Investigations will attempt to make contact with the subject, and provide the subject with the contact information of the client. This type of locate investigation is normally conducted utilizing available database information, both public and private, and through other electronic means.

Skilled and experienced private investigator's have knowledge of where to source and how to obtain the available information.

Should there be a need to conduct a Skiptrace (Skip tracing) and verify a person and their current whereabouts, We offer assistance with matters relating to the legal sector, insurance and for landlords (Real Estate), as such: spousal support, child support, rental debt, general civil matters and not excluding witness locates, deceased estates and missing persons. If attainable we help to trace new address, mobile number, email address or positive leads resulting in a locate.

The sourced information comes from public domain data providers and we validate it to be true and correct prior to releasing.

We reserve the right not to disclose the databases and methods used for detecting, but assure the information is from ethical means and legal sources.

** Please note that we are not a collection agency


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What we investigate

We investigate matters of child custody, child support & access. We also investigate domestic & spousal concerns.

What we investigate

We investigate claims and fraud in the areas of income protection, sickness & absenteeism, workers' compensation.

What we investigate

We search for missing person and conduct skip tracing. And we also carry out government investigations.

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