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Factual Investigations

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • People skills
  • Attention to detail

A factual investigation is an independent investigation into the factual circumstances of cases such as a contractual dispute, insurance claim, litigated matter or in respect to personal injuries, physical damage or financial losses. Airmax Investigations have investigators with experience in such cases and who specialise in the area of Workers' Compensation.

We aid insurers or their legal representatives to be able to assess and determine liability within the confines of the Workers' Compensation Act 1987 and the Workplace Injury Management & Workers Compensation Act 1998.

Our work involves conducting interviews and gathering evidence including records of interviews, statements, photographs, documents and other physical evidence. The principal purpose is always "to collect and report the facts only" - this allows our Clients to make a commercial and informed decision.

Our Investigators are most professional and objective with all matters. This is foremost when dealing with "the interviewee/claimant". We have good people skills including the ability to empathise with others to attain value for our Clients, especially with sensitive matters.

We do not approach matters on the basis of only gathering evidence helpful to the Client's case retained - any attempt to do so provides no value to the Client seeking to reach a fair, ethical and appropriate resolution of a claim or dispute. Our approach is to have a consistent work methodology.



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What we investigate

We investigate matters of child custody, child support & access. We also investigate domestic & spousal concerns.

What we investigate

We investigate claims and fraud in the areas of income protection, sickness & absenteeism, workers' compensation.

What we investigate

We search for missing person and conduct skip tracing. And we also carry out government investigations.

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